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    "Raising The Bar In Recovery Housing"‚Äč

Research indicates that safe, supportive, transitional housing is a critical component in maintaining a successful recovery effort. In New York as well as other parts of the country, there has been a major shortage of quality sober homes / recovery homes and/or halfway housing to assist individuals in early recovery. Harmony has developed a unique housing approach, specifically for working men in recovery, that provides a seamless transition from treatment back into the work force.

Our working men only recovery houses, create an additional level of support/camraderie to complement the existing therapeutic milieu of our 24/7 recovery based, community living environment.

Harmony encourages all recovery home operators to adopt a steadfast zero tolerance policy with respect to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Over the years we have identified this issue as the number (#1) reason that sober/recovery houses become toxic, mis-managed, and dis-reputable

Harmony Guidelines for Living


 (1) Alcohol other drug use or possession.

(2) Stealing, acts or threats of violence, possession of paraphernalia 

We always provide a referral to detox or another treatment program at the time of departure. Upon successful completion of a treatment stay individuals may be re-considered for a new housing placement.

  • 24 Hour on site supervision
  • Random drug testing & Breathalyzer
  • Cable TV-Phone-Internet
  • Cooperative house chores
  • Mandatory meeting attendance
  • Near transportation, meetings and treatment
  • Strong Recovery Based Living
  • In House community meetings
  • Monthly management house meetings

Those in need of continuing treatment can consider Harmony at a later date as we do not provide "treatment housing" ; although we support and encourage follow-up to counseling services if recommended by referring clinicians or programs.

Harmony is the premier independent housing operation on Long Island and the first call choice for many programs and agencies in New York, NJ and Pa.

    We demand a serious commitment to the recovery process!

Our Homes

Bay Shore, Long Island NY - 35 beds in 3 homes all located within 1.5 miles of each other which allows us to closely monitor daily living activities. Scores of success stories

Fort Myers, Southwest Fl - Our brand new side by side duplex has 12 beds with a maximum of 6 residents in each unit; a bright, airy, living environment, conducive to recovery.

As our reputation has continued to grow, especially over that past 5 years, at times there is a short waiting period for a living space. Please be patient as we work with you to find a placement as soon as possible.

We have developed an open visit policy, where referral sources can schedule an initial tour and after the first visit all are welcome to stop by at any time

We are looking for sober role models; do you have what it takes?

Call today for a Housing Consultation:

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The Harmony Team